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Buch „Revolution in Rojava“ online

Diese Seite soll das Hintergrund-Buch „Revolution in Rojava“ unserer Kampagne online in verschiedenen Sprachen zur Verfügung stellen. Außerdem werden wir hier Beiträge einstellen, die zur Situation Bezug nehmen.

This page will provide the background book ‚Revolution In Rojava‘ from our campaign to the public. Also we will post essays which relay to the actual situation.

A call for solidarity: defend Afrin — defend humanity!

Article of ROAR Magazine

Dilar Dirik, January 24, 2018

In the battle for Afrin, we see the universal dimensions of popular struggles against fascism, dictatorship and death — and for democracy, freedom and justice.

As I write, the Turkish army is engaged in an illegal cross-border invasion of the Syrian-Kurdish region of Afrin. Claiming to fight “terrorists,” the Turkish state — an EU candidate, ally of the West and second-largest NATO army — launched an act of aggression against the same people who earned the world’s respect for defeating ISIS with their courageous sacrifices and historic resistance. The military campaign includes pro-Erdogan Free Syrian Army (FSA) troops and poses a threat to 800,000 civilians, half of whom are internally displaced people who sought refuge in Afrin from regions like Idlib and Aleppo.
A call for solidarity: defend Afrin — defend humanity! weiterlesen